Whiskeytown Lake, Saturday, June 25, 2005

A few photos of a fishing trip (well, boat ride would be more accurate) this past Saturday to Whiskeytown Lake. This entire region is experiencing a cooler than normal spring and early summer this year which made the afternoon very enjoyable. Typically it would have been 100+ degrees on a June afternoon at Whiskeytown but I doubt it was 90 degrees out that day.

A few shots on the boat…..

Enjoying a leg stretch on a small beach….

Jimmy and Laura watching some “honkers” that swam up to beg for potato chips (note to any environmentalists who may happen by: their begging was without result!)

Jimmy Helpin’ Grandma Sally Out!!!

Just got back from a weekend at Ernie and Sally’s. The memory card in my camera was getting full so I decided to dump it to my hard drive. While thumbing through the images I came across this priceless one of Jimmy tieing Sally’s shoes for her (or something like that!) and couldn’t wait to share it.

More to follow.


Baby Burn Out!!!

This morning Jimmy and I got up as usual. As usual, I gave him his breakfast and changed his pants. After hanging out for a bit I put him in his play pen to play for a bit while I checked my email. I noticed about 10 minutes later that he was being aweful quiet and went to investigate. I guess he decided he hadn’t had enough sleep last night. I couldn’t resist snapping a shot or 2…….

Almanor Fishing, Memorial Day Weekend, 2005

As we have done each year for the last 10, we took an excursion to Almanor this past weekend for some much needed R&R. As usual we were mostly too lazy to get on the lake early enough to enjoy the primo fishing. This year we changed tactics from our usual night crawler, flasher rigs to trolled spoons (rainbow runners and needlefish). This resulted in a better than average (for us anyway) fishing experience. All our success came on downriggers at 20-25 feet in approximately 40 feet of water on the west end of the lake near the outlet at Plumas Pines.

Here are a couple pics:

4 1/2 pound Eagle Lake Rainbow I picked up on Saturday afternoon……

Ernie with a 3 1/2 pound Eagle Laker, and 2 pound Brown on Monday morning….

Monday was the only day we actually got our tails out of bed and got on the lake. We caught 6 fish total in about 2 hours of fishing, these 2 plus a couple more 2 pound class brown trout and 2 small salmon.

For those interested there are photos and commentary from the entire trip available on the Family Fun 101 blog.

Memorial Day Weekend, 2005

As usual this past Memorial Day Weekend the Lee/Nachreiner clan took it’s annual Lake Almanor get away. For the past 5 years we’ve been staying at Lassen View Resort. Unfortunately the great folks who run the place have decided to retire so this was our last stay at their fine establishment.

Here is a brief photo journal of our weekend:

The Lee Mobile Palace:

Not the Lee Mobile Palace:

Jimmy taking it in on the first evening:

The marina at dusk:

Grandma Sally taking Jimmy on a morning stroll:

Our fishing chariot awaits:

The view from the back of the boat while chasing the elusive trout:

Some of the dirt cheap real estate (facetious)on the banks of the lake:

Jimmy and Carly supervising the fish cleaning operations:

Carly loves fishing:

Jimmy loves his life jacket:

Jimmy and mom enjoying the Sunday afternoon boat ride (the fishing was terrible but the weather was great that day):

Jimmy and Carly in our camper:

Jimmy and Pooh Bear in our camper:

Jimmy and Carly sitting at the campfire:

Jimmy, Carly and Laura at the campfire:

Jimmy and I at the campfire:

Ernie, Laura and Jimmy at the campfire:

The whole motley crew at the campfire:

Jimmy babysitting Sally while we were breaking camp:

Be sure to check out the 2 photos of some of the fish we caught on my fishing blog too!

Have a fast internet connection? Click here for a 2 minute video of our Sunday afternoon boat ride!

We always have a blast on our Memorial Day trips and this year was no exception! We sure are sorry to see the folks from Lassen View hang it up. They did a tremendous job of running the place. Hopefully, we can find another resort to stay at next year so our little 10 year tradition will stay alive.

Initial Post

I’ve been having so much fun playing with blogs that I thought I’d set one up to be used for the original intent, a Web Log. This blog will contain miscellaneous entries and photos about family trips, events, rants, raves and whatever else my wife, daughter and I choose to post. It will be geared toward family and friends but all are welcome.

I’ll turn on anonymous posting for anyone who doesn’t want to set up a blogger username. If you post this way though just sign your name to it so we know who’s commenting.