Eagle Lake 2008

Well, so far the 2008 Eagle Lake season is going well. As of today, I’ve caught 40 fish this season, averaging 3 pounds or so with a few in the high 4’s (haven’t been able to quite break 5 yet). I haven’t gotten any great photos but here’s a couple of “bar-b-quers” that Ernie took home one day after we caught 14 fish between us…

Just your basic little 8 1/2 pound, 2 fish limit.

Bucks Lake ’08

Here are some shots from Bucks Lake in June of 2008:

Heading out…

Jimmy Fighting the big ones…..

Jimmy with his first Mackinaws…

Headin’ back to camp after a successful day on the water….

Jimmy also got a decent number of small kokanees. Aside from the smoke (there were numerous forest fires surrounding the area), it was a great long weekend!