Portrait Practice

I have a long way to go before I can call myself a portrait shooter but my baby let me practice on her along the Sacramento River last weekend.  I liked the diffused light coming through the trees from both afternoon sky and bouncing off the water.  The stiff wind blowing straight off the river was nice to tease her hair as well. Just a touch of fill flash and a “power portrait” edit in Lightroom and I like the look.

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20151115_Melanie by the River_004.jpg

Catchin’ Up

This will just be an assortment of videos from earlier this year that were shot before I started this blog…
James’ first smalley….Butt Lake…

A couple bass from Lake Britton this summer..}

Brook trout from Echo Lake (only bite I had that day but pretty fair fish for these parts)…

My best day of the year on Almanor Smalleys (lengthy video with music some may not like..lol)..

Just a quick paddling tip…

Nice evening on the water with my gal…just a couple fish but it was gorgeous to be on the water..

My first Almanor Smalley…pretty fair start (alas, the only one I hooked that day)…

Little early spring (or was it late winter?) trollin’ run to Almanor with the boy…we got 2 before we could get both lines in then nothing for hours..


Father-Son Fishing Morning

It is almost impossible to get the kid to be patient on a slow morning but I finally talked him into making a few more casts and he hooked one.  Hopefully that (and the new winter boots I just ordered for the cold feet he complained of) will encourage him to stay with it in the future.  Knowin’ the showoff he can be it may have helped that the family up the bank who hadn’t caught anything had to come look too!

Eagle Lake – 10.31.15

I took a drive yesterday with my good friend Ken who, like me, needed some ‘out of the house’ time.  We headed up to the Youth Camp and did some casting practice.  The fish were going bananas chasing minnows and driving ME bananas because they weren’t hitting our offerings.  With a little perseverance, and some fine flourocarbon, I was able to fool a couple small ones though.  If nothing else, the bullshitting was second to none!!!

Yard pet

Been watching this guy and his gals picking apples and acorns in my yard all day.  I spent all day fighting the cloudy conditions and his lack of cooperation to finally get a couple fair snapshots of him that didn’t have my yard garbage or a trailer or something in the background…hehe…

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