Snow Strolling

Just thought I’d share a few shots from some short strolls up on the grade the last few days…

This was about the end of the line for the grocery-getter on Sunday morning…

Given it was all new powder up there Sunday (still coming down some when I got up there) I figured I better put these funny lookin’ things on…20170122_083223

It was chilly, but pretty…


I tested the weather seals on the ol’ Canon pretty well (had I tested the damn batteries BEFORE i took off, there would have been more shots from that day)…

Mel humored me the next day after it cleared up but hadn’t exactly warmed up…20170123_snow-hike_janesville-grade_blog_0004

We’ve definitely been getting some of the white stuff around our neighborhood…






Some times I think my baby takes just as pretty of shots with her Galaxy as I do with my big heavy beast…facebook_1485306053203

Almost back to the warmth of the old truckster…

We survived and didn’t even have to eat each other!…20170123_snow-hike_janesville-grade_blog_0010

The plow operators have earned their keep on the hill this year…

…Wait 15 Minutes!

Well, the good ol’ Pineapple Express has been making things interesting around here.  The old adage about if you don’t like Lassen County weather wait 15 minutes has surely been the case lately.

I just thought I’d share a few shots (as always, click on any image to view it larger)

This is what the branches of an apple tree look like when it rains for 12 hours without exceeding 32 degrees…

The yard critters were definitely chilly Sunday Morning…20170108_our-yard_blog_002



We took a little drive on Monday.  First we headed up Janesville Grade.  I think the grocery-getter COULD have made it to Antelope Lake but lack of cell service made us chicken out.  It was definitely pretty up on the mountain though…20170109_winter-drive_blog_-1


We headed up 139 next.  Some of the guys from 5 Dot Ranch posted on social media  that they were starting a yacht club the other day.  I see why…20170109_winter-drive_blog_-4


I thought I’d grab a shot of this solitary goose near Willow Creek.  After two shots I realized I’d been duped…it is a decoy.  It may not be good enough to attract real geese but it was good enough to steal 5 minutes of my life…lol…. 20170109_winter-drive_blog_-6

The main reason for the journey this direction was to see if Eagle Pond has a chance of turning back to Eagle Lake one day.  The way Pine Creek is running this early give me some hope…20170109_winter-drive_blog_-7





Just a few more shots from the drive back down.  We’ve definitely had a bit of precipitation the last week!…20170109_winter-drive_blog_-12




SR139 was getting spooky with trucks chaining and taking their half of the road out of the middle so we thought we’d run back to town via Rice Canyon Road.  This is when our normally bleek desert looks pretty…
20170109_winter-drive_blog_-16 20170109_winter-drive_blog_-17

As I wrap this up I’m looking at a rain gauge that says 8.21 inches of rain in the first 11 days of the year.  Add that to the dozen or so it recorded from October through December, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say the drought is over; at least for 15 minutes!