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…Wait 15 Minutes!

Well, the good ol’ Pineapple Express has been making things interesting around here.  The old adage about if you don’t like Lassen County weather wait 15 minutes has surely been the case lately.

I just thought I’d share a few shots (as always, click on any image to view it larger)

This is what the branches of an apple tree look like when it rains for 12 hours without exceeding 32 degrees…

The yard critters were definitely chilly Sunday Morning…20170108_our-yard_blog_002



We took a little drive on Monday.  First we headed up Janesville Grade.  I think the grocery-getter COULD have made it to Antelope Lake but lack of cell service made us chicken out.  It was definitely pretty up on the mountain though…20170109_winter-drive_blog_-1


We headed up 139 next.  Some of the guys from 5 Dot Ranch posted on social media  that they were starting a yacht club the other day.  I see why…20170109_winter-drive_blog_-4


I thought I’d grab a shot of this solitary goose near Willow Creek.  After two shots I realized I’d been duped…it is a decoy.  It may not be good enough to attract real geese but it was good enough to steal 5 minutes of my life…lol…. 20170109_winter-drive_blog_-6

The main reason for the journey this direction was to see if Eagle Pond has a chance of turning back to Eagle Lake one day.  The way Pine Creek is running this early give me some hope…20170109_winter-drive_blog_-7





Just a few more shots from the drive back down.  We’ve definitely had a bit of precipitation the last week!…20170109_winter-drive_blog_-12




SR139 was getting spooky with trucks chaining and taking their half of the road out of the middle so we thought we’d run back to town via Rice Canyon Road.  This is when our normally bleek desert looks pretty…
20170109_winter-drive_blog_-16 20170109_winter-drive_blog_-17

As I wrap this up I’m looking at a rain gauge that says 8.21 inches of rain in the first 11 days of the year.  Add that to the dozen or so it recorded from October through December, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say the drought is over; at least for 15 minutes!

Mother’s Day Dinner

I decided to take my gal out to dinner for Mother’s Day last night but I wanted to go to a more exclusive dining locale than Susanville has to offer.  The Smoke Creek area seemed just the place!  On the way to our “restaurant” we almost ran over this critter (Mel saw it. I never even noticed as I drove by…lol)…20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_004

20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_001

Upon stopping we noticed he/she had a friend (or mate?) in the weeds…

20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_003

20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_002

After we harassed them for a bit, this one decided it was time to fly the coop…

20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_005

After we drove on for a bit, we saw these jackasses (LOL) standing next to the road…

20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_007

20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_006

We also saw a small group of pronghorns and a badger (first time either of us had seen one in the wild) that we didn’t get pics of.


Mike and Mel table for two!…

20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_008

Between the rain and the recent fire in the area stimulating alot of new growth, the desert is as pretty as I’ve seen it in years…

20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_010

(As usual, you can click any images above to see them larger)

Rockhound State Park – April 4, 2016

Earlier this week I took a trip down to Deming New Mexico to pick up my mom’s ashes and wrap up some final affairs.  As mom was as much of a shutterbug as I am, this post and the one that will follow is in her memory.

On Tuesday afternoon I took a wonderful short hike through Rockhound State Park, just a few miles south of Deming.

The diversity of plant life differs significantly to that I see on my local hikes…



I thought of a Valentines heart for my gal when I saw this prickly pear (yeah, I’m a hopeless romantic at times)…


I tried to get all “photographic” with this one!  I wish the sun was higher so the starburst could have been at the top of the yucca blossoms but I sort of like the effect anyway…


Spring has sprung as this prickly pear’s new growth illustrates…


The desert can be a gorgeous place when it blooms in spring…



Does this qualify as a “selfie?”…


Ok, same scene without some redneck getting in the way…