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Koke Fishin’

I took James down to Redding this past weekend to, among other things, mooch a guided fishing trip from gramma and grandpa.  The mooching paid off and we found some good kokanee trolling on Whiskeytown.

The trip also provided an opportunity for me to test the towing capacity on my new grocery-getter.  Grandpa’s boat weighs in at 3500 pounds or so on the trailer and my baby SUV pulled it nicely…


The fish were biting well as most boats in the area were catching fish.  That, combined with the fact that Ernie is absolutely the Kokanee Killer, and it didn’t take long before James was wearing his arms out…



After the first dozen or so, the skipper DID finally let us deckhands reel in a few….




Grandpa’s boat is faster than dad’s, as you can see by the kid’s hair…


Now, time for the work to begin.  There’s only room at THAT table for 2.  I had to stand back taking pictures and drinking beer (I figured it was the least I could do)!…


I can do this but I’m at about a 3 fish per hour pace.  They would have rotted by the time I was done!


Looks like dinner…



Here is a video for anyone interested.  The GoPro was running for 3 hours.  I trimmed it down to 13 minutes.  If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, the “meat and potatoes” (or, at least the meat) starts right at the 10 minute mark…


Mother’s Day Dinner

I decided to take my gal out to dinner for Mother’s Day last night but I wanted to go to a more exclusive dining locale than Susanville has to offer.  The Smoke Creek area seemed just the place!  On the way to our “restaurant” we almost ran over this critter (Mel saw it. I never even noticed as I drove by…lol)…20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_004

20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_001

Upon stopping we noticed he/she had a friend (or mate?) in the weeds…

20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_003

20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_002

After we harassed them for a bit, this one decided it was time to fly the coop…

20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_005

After we drove on for a bit, we saw these jackasses (LOL) standing next to the road…

20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_007

20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_006

We also saw a small group of pronghorns and a badger (first time either of us had seen one in the wild) that we didn’t get pics of.


Mike and Mel table for two!…

20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_008

Between the rain and the recent fire in the area stimulating alot of new growth, the desert is as pretty as I’ve seen it in years…

20160508_Smoke Creek Drive_Blog_010

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Gila Cliff Dwellings – April 5, 2016

My cousin Roseanne and I took a drive from Deming up to the Gila Cliff Dwellings this past Tuesday.  I’m not super happy with the way the photos turned out but it was a fun little day trip.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and 3 Questions Cafe and Living Harvest Bakery in Mimbres is a great place to get a hearty one.  It is run by the local Mennonite clan who serve up a small but very tasty breakfast buffet for $6.50.  Of course, with all the baked goods and their wonderful “Jammly” (not jam, not jelly; jammly…lol) for sale, my $6.50 breakfast ran me a touch over 60 bucks…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_001

The visitor center at the park.  We got there just at opening time of 9AM….

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_002

The first thing that caught my eye upon entering the park is the really cool rock formations…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_003

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_004

The first view of the dwellings on the way up the trail….

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_005

The park service keeps the trail in very good shape for easy access…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_006

The Mogollon folks were definitely industrious…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_013

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_007

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_008

Genuine native American first aid kits inside…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_009

Another look at all the construction that was done.  It was tough to really capture it, even with my camera lens as wide as it could go…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_010

A room with a view…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_012

My cuz and I gettin’ the necessary touristy selfie shot before heading down the mountain…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_011

First step’s a honey if you continue this direction.  I found it a touch sad they felt the need to post this sign…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_014


Portrait Practice

I have a long way to go before I can call myself a portrait shooter but my baby let me practice on her along the Sacramento River last weekend.  I liked the diffused light coming through the trees from both afternoon sky and bouncing off the water.  The stiff wind blowing straight off the river was nice to tease her hair as well. Just a touch of fill flash and a “power portrait” edit in Lightroom and I like the look.

(click image to view full size @Flickr)

20151115_Melanie by the River_004.jpg

Catchin’ Up

This will just be an assortment of videos from earlier this year that were shot before I started this blog…
James’ first smalley….Butt Lake…

A couple bass from Lake Britton this summer..}

Brook trout from Echo Lake (only bite I had that day but pretty fair fish for these parts)…

My best day of the year on Almanor Smalleys (lengthy video with music some may not

Just a quick paddling tip…

Nice evening on the water with my gal…just a couple fish but it was gorgeous to be on the water..

My first Almanor Smalley…pretty fair start (alas, the only one I hooked that day)…

Little early spring (or was it late winter?) trollin’ run to Almanor with the boy…we got 2 before we could get both lines in then nothing for hours..


Father-Son Fishing Morning

It is almost impossible to get the kid to be patient on a slow morning but I finally talked him into making a few more casts and he hooked one.  Hopefully that (and the new winter boots I just ordered for the cold feet he complained of) will encourage him to stay with it in the future.  Knowin’ the showoff he can be it may have helped that the family up the bank who hadn’t caught anything had to come look too!

Baum Lake – September 27, 2015

Well, I’ve been in quite the fishing slump of late. Sometimes you just have to “go with what you know” and catch some damn fish! That’s what I did when we took a little trip to Baum this past Sunday. We didn’t get there until high noon but we managed to stick a few. We got mostly planted rainbows but 2 or 3 browns as well. All in all it was a fun afternoon.

The first video is rather long and includes all of our hookups starting with mine, followed by James’ (the time stamp was screwy on one of my cameras so putting them in actual order would have been difficult)….

This is clipped to just James’ fish…

I believe the kid actually caught larger fish on average than I did!