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Eagle Lake Opener – 2014

Wow!  Has it been this long since this beast has been fed?  Time to fix THAT!

Armed with my new GoPro and my custom made kayak mount made by modifying a cheap monopod, I headed out to fish the Eagle Lake Opener in my kayak on May 24, 2014.  As expected, the lake was low and the fish were small.  The camera mount is a good start but I need to do something to deaden the resonance that causes every little tap to be a nasty thump on the audio track.  While I’m at it, I should practice better lens cleaning techniques too (and I have a filter adapter coming that should allow me to mount a polarizer do knock down some glare on the water).  Overall, not a terrible start with a new toy.

Eagle Lake 2008

Well, so far the 2008 Eagle Lake season is going well. As of today, I’ve caught 40 fish this season, averaging 3 pounds or so with a few in the high 4’s (haven’t been able to quite break 5 yet). I haven’t gotten any great photos but here’s a couple of “bar-b-quers” that Ernie took home one day after we caught 14 fish between us…

Just your basic little 8 1/2 pound, 2 fish limit.

Bucks Lake ’08

Here are some shots from Bucks Lake in June of 2008:

Heading out…

Jimmy Fighting the big ones…..

Jimmy with his first Mackinaws…

Headin’ back to camp after a successful day on the water….

Jimmy also got a decent number of small kokanees. Aside from the smoke (there were numerous forest fires surrounding the area), it was a great long weekend!

Shotoverin 2

I took Jimmy back up to Shotoverin Lake on July 14.

We caught one nice little trout….

As usual, the catfish were biting nicely…

There was only one other fisherman on the lake that day…

I almost got a decent photo of him plying his trade. He was just too far away (and too darn quick) for me and my equipment…

Back to catfishin’….

All in all, it was a great afternoon!