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2016 Montana Trip – Part 4 (The Rest)

This is the catchall for the miscellany of the trip…

The Engels have really let the old house go…lol…20160714_Little House_001

This old church caught my eye on the way back to Havre…



This is what is known as a heavily wooded area on the Montana prairie…20160715_Havre_Blog_001

Coeur d’Alene Lake from atop Mineral Ridge just above where I camped…20160711_144238

This barn adjacent to a canola field caught my eye… 20160714_115319

More funny Montana woods..20160714_143251

Fresno Reservoir just north of Havre.  Supposed to be a very good Walleye fishery…20160714_180548

I added a couple more pub pints to my collection…20160716_Home Drive_Misc_Blog_004

Yep.  Long drive…20160716_Home Drive_Misc_Blog_003

Gila Cliff Dwellings – April 5, 2016

My cousin Roseanne and I took a drive from Deming up to the Gila Cliff Dwellings this past Tuesday.  I’m not super happy with the way the photos turned out but it was a fun little day trip.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and 3 Questions Cafe and Living Harvest Bakery in Mimbres is a great place to get a hearty one.  It is run by the local Mennonite clan who serve up a small but very tasty breakfast buffet for $6.50.  Of course, with all the baked goods and their wonderful “Jammly” (not jam, not jelly; jammly…lol) for sale, my $6.50 breakfast ran me a touch over 60 bucks…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_001

The visitor center at the park.  We got there just at opening time of 9AM….

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_002

The first thing that caught my eye upon entering the park is the really cool rock formations…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_003

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_004

The first view of the dwellings on the way up the trail….

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_005

The park service keeps the trail in very good shape for easy access…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_006

The Mogollon folks were definitely industrious…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_013

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_007

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_008

Genuine native American first aid kits inside…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_009

Another look at all the construction that was done.  It was tough to really capture it, even with my camera lens as wide as it could go…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_010

A room with a view…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_012

My cuz and I gettin’ the necessary touristy selfie shot before heading down the mountain…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_011

First step’s a honey if you continue this direction.  I found it a touch sad they felt the need to post this sign…

20160405_Gila Cliff_Blog_014