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Almanor Fishing, Memorial Day Weekend, 2005

As we have done each year for the last 10, we took an excursion to Almanor this past weekend for some much needed R&R. As usual we were mostly too lazy to get on the lake early enough to enjoy the primo fishing. This year we changed tactics from our usual night crawler, flasher rigs to trolled spoons (rainbow runners and needlefish). This resulted in a better than average (for us anyway) fishing experience. All our success came on downriggers at 20-25 feet in approximately 40 feet of water on the west end of the lake near the outlet at Plumas Pines.

Here are a couple pics:

4 1/2 pound Eagle Lake Rainbow I picked up on Saturday afternoon……

Ernie with a 3 1/2 pound Eagle Laker, and 2 pound Brown on Monday morning….

Monday was the only day we actually got our tails out of bed and got on the lake. We caught 6 fish total in about 2 hours of fishing, these 2 plus a couple more 2 pound class brown trout and 2 small salmon.

For those interested there are photos and commentary from the entire trip available on the Family Fun 101 blog.

Old Eagle Lake Shots

An assortment of older pics from Eagle Lake.

Five and a half pound fish from north shore, fall 1997…….

Six pound fish from north shore, fall 1997…..

Four pound fish from Gallatin Marina 1997…..

Catch and release shot from north shore, fall 1997…..

1997 was the golden year for Eagle Lake trout fishing! These pics are just a small sampling of what a great year it was. I caught in excess of 50 fish that fall with at least 15 of them in the 5 pound class or bigger!!!

Catch and release shot from Wildcat Point, fall 2000….

Aaron’s First Salmon

My fishin’ buddy Aaron with his first ever river caught salmon. She was a mint bright 20 pound hen caught in late October, 1997 at the mouth of Salt Creek on the Sacramento River below Red Bluff California.

Note: The lure still hanging from the fish’s mouth was an old T-55 flatfish with rusty hooks that Aaron found floating down the river an hour or so earlier. Some guys are just jerks!

Photo courtesy of JCAT5150’s Redneck Guide Service.