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Antelope Lake Area – 2.26.2020

I decided to get out and make sure my hiking shoes still fit.  After 4 miles they were still on so I guess they do.

The start point, near the Antelope Lake Dam…



Nice little uphill logging road to start out…


Great views of the lake ….



Still uphill…



More lake and the dam…











Cattle guard; you’re doing it wrong…


My trusty steed waiting upon my return…


Battle Creek Falls – A Few Hours in Nature


Mel and I decided today would be a good day to get out and get some much needed fresh air.  I also wanted to start getting an idea whether the General Grabber AT2’s were a good call for a winter tire on the grocery-getter.  Judging from the performance in 6 inch deep slush, I’d say they’re going to get the job done if we want to get a bit off the blacktop (in moderation) in the winter…


We took a spin into Battle Creek Falls.  Just a little 16 foot drop next to an antiquated power house.  I wish the snow/terrain/my bum knee would have let me get down for a better photo angle but these will have to do for now…



Naturally, you have to stop for a road-side selfie…


We liked the look of the sky when crossing the causeway at Almanor on the way home (ok, in reality it was more pastel pink but you don’t take a photo you MAKE a photo, right?)…

Nice little afternoon with my gal that we ultimately capped off at Lassen Ale Works (gotta get a few more runs there while it still exists)!


Whiskeytown Lake, Saturday, June 25, 2005

A few photos of a fishing trip (well, boat ride would be more accurate) this past Saturday to Whiskeytown Lake. This entire region is experiencing a cooler than normal spring and early summer this year which made the afternoon very enjoyable. Typically it would have been 100+ degrees on a June afternoon at Whiskeytown but I doubt it was 90 degrees out that day.

A few shots on the boat…..

Enjoying a leg stretch on a small beach….

Jimmy and Laura watching some “honkers” that swam up to beg for potato chips (note to any environmentalists who may happen by: their begging was without result!)

Initial Post

I’ve been having so much fun playing with blogs that I thought I’d set one up to be used for the original intent, a Web Log. This blog will contain miscellaneous entries and photos about family trips, events, rants, raves and whatever else my wife, daughter and I choose to post. It will be geared toward family and friends but all are welcome.

I’ll turn on anonymous posting for anyone who doesn’t want to set up a blogger username. If you post this way though just sign your name to it so we know who’s commenting.