My Secret Fishing Hole

Here are a few photos of my favorite (and top secret) fishing hole:

Here’s my wife Laura warming the fish up for me by hand feeding them:

Ok, confession time! The preceding photos were taken at the Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery near Bend Oregon on a trip we took to the area in ’03. These fish are all escapees who are now living quite the sheltered life in the settling pond. One of the fish in there was probably close to 20 pounds!

If you’re ever in the area take a look around the place. I’ve toured quite a few hatchery facilities and this one is among the best.

Aaron’s First Salmon

My fishin’ buddy Aaron with his first ever river caught salmon. She was a mint bright 20 pound hen caught in late October, 1997 at the mouth of Salt Creek on the Sacramento River below Red Bluff California.

Note: The lure still hanging from the fish’s mouth was an old T-55 flatfish with rusty hooks that Aaron found floating down the river an hour or so earlier. Some guys are just jerks!

Photo courtesy of JCAT5150’s Redneck Guide Service.

Ernie’s Bone

Ernie and Sally recently took a vacation to Belize. Naturally they had to spend a little time chasing bonefish. Ernie actually caught a fish a good bit bigger than this one but the picture isn’t very good due to some gunk on the guide’s lense (yeah, I know, that’s what they all say)